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Yoga with Yaisa provides authentic and inclusive yoga classes a short drive from Seaford

Inclusive yoga classes for the Seaford community

Yoga with Yaisa teaches Seaford students of all skill levels, abilities and experience.
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For a yoga experience that promotes inclusivity and is local to the Seaford community, you need Yoga with Yaisa. Yaisa teaches several styles of yoga at her studio, including Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Yin & Yang yoga. Each of these styles teach you new skills in finding a balance between mind, body and spirit. For example, Hatha yoga teaches you physical and spiritual awareness through steady poses, whereas Ashtanga yoga is more dynamic and a great way to strengthen and tone the body.

If you are interested in joining a welcoming and accessible yoga community, contact Yaisa today or book online to arrange your first session for just $10!

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Your local Seaford yoga teacher, trainer and wellness guide is Yaisa Nio

Meet Yaisa Nio! She runs Yoga with Yaisa at Heartland, an accessible and welcoming yoga space committed to providing an authentic experience to the residents of Seaford. In the classes with Yaisa, you practice and learn yoga under experienced, intuitive and individual guidance.

Yaisa has over 6000 hours of teaching experience and is accredited through Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International. Her yoga journey has taken her all over the world, learning and teaching in some beautiful locations including Bali. She also offers yoga teacher training courses through Yoga Here & There, a yoga school she founded and created with her best friend Darja.

With this special offer, you can see Yaisa’s teaching style or yourself. You can join her in person or practise in the comfort of your home.

Feel confident practising yoga in the comfort of your Seaford home or 15 minutes away at Heartland

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Yaisa Nio is an accomplished and authentic yoga teacher, passionate about encouraging people of all levels and physical abilities. At Yoga with Yaisa, you can enjoy a beautifully immersive mind, body and spirit experience. This can be in the comfort of your home or at her yoga space which is a short drive from Seaford. Creating an inclusive space to learn yoga is at the core of what Yaisa likes to offer her students. She encourages sensation and energy over visual or aesthetic perfection.

Contact Yaisa todaybook online to arrange your first session for less than half price!


Seaford residents learn Ashtanga yoga at Yoga with Yaisa