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Looking for yoga classes in the Aldinga area? Yoga with Yaisa is for you!

Yaisa Nio provides yoga classes to the Aldinga community.
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Yaisa Nio teaches yoga classes, runs yoga retreats and organises wellness events in Aldinga, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide area and in other beautiful locations around the world. She is also the founder and director of Yoga Here & There, a yoga teacher training school that operates in Adelaide, Bali and other international locations to teach yoga enthusiasts how to become teachers themselves. Get a taste of her teaching style by trying a class for free.

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Yoga for everyone!

Yaisa offers inclusive yoga classes for people of all skill levels, creating an immersive mind, body and spirit experience focusing on the embodiment of the principles of yoga in daily living, not just during the class. With carefully sequenced classes and a focus on the anatomy of each pose, you will come to discover that awareness of the mind and spirit is equally as important as awareness of the body. Yaisa brings balance between the three through pranayama (breathing) and meditation as well as asana (poses). With gentle physical adjustments and personal cues, Yaisa ensures each and every participant completes the movements safely. With her studio just a short drive from Aldinga, Yoga With Yaisa is the best choice for anyone looking to try yoga in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. You can also join her classes via Zoom from the comfort of your own home or you can log into the online library to do yoga with Yaisa when it suits your schedule.

With this special offer, you can experience Yaisa’s teaching style at the shala in Heartland or practise in the comfort of your home.

Why is Yoga with Yaisa the best choice for Aldinga residents?

Yaisa Nio is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer offering yoga classes for residents of Aldinga and the surrounding suburbs.

Yaisa holds accreditations from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International Registry and has over 6000 hours of teaching experience. Yaisa’s experience means you can be sure of a safe, enjoyable and inclusive session led by an authentic and accomplished yoga teacher. Yaisa makes yoga accessible to everyone, adapting her teaching style to meet the skill, experience and physical abilities of each student to ensure the practice is rewarding for everyone involved. As the perfect antidote to the hyper-stylised Insta-yogi, Yaisa encourages students to focus on physical sensation and energy, rather than photogenic or aesthetic perfection. The result is an authentic experience that brings balance to the mind, body and soul.

Contact Yaisa todaybook online to arrange your first session in person and take advantage of the $10 first class offer!

Yoga With Yaisa - Sankalapa at Aldinga Beach