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Yoga Teacher Training & Continuing Education

“Yoga training is about sharing knowledge with authenticity and intention.”

– Yaisa Nio

Accredited yoga teacher training

Yaisa is founder and director of the yoga school Yoga Here & There, where alongside her best friend and business partner Darja, she delivers accredited yoga teacher training courses in gorgeous locations all around the world. Accredited by Yoga Alliance US (RYS200) and Yoga Alliance International (RYS 250Plus/RYS YIN50/CEAS), these trainings are offered in full-time and part-time formats, across a range of international and Australian destinations.

All Yoga Here & There courses are delivered in stunning natural locations, allowing you to totally switch off and immerse yourself in yoga. The 250-hour foundational, multistyle program consists of a combination of yoga classes, interactive workshops, group discussions and presentations. The teaching style is hands-on and practical, with plenty of teaching practice opportunities and regular feedback from your peers and teachers. The 50-hour Yin yoga training is for teachers who wish to specialise in Yin yoga or Yin students who simply want to deepen their own practice. It delves into the oriental influences of Yin yoga such as TCM and energy meridian theory and the importance of connective tissue and fascial lines. You learn how to build a safe and purposeful Yin sequence for yourself and your students.

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“Yaisa and Darja’s training supported me to create my own authentic version of myself as a yoga teacher.”

Continuing professional education

After completing their first yoga teacher training course, many students realise their journey has just begun and that the paths to choose from are many. Yaisa provides various options for you to continue developing your yoga teaching skills and knowledge. All hours spent studying with Yaisa count towards your continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance (YACEP & CEAS).

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“I’m very grateful that I stumbled across this teacher training as the experience was so in depth, challenging & rewarding. My life has truly been changed in the best possible way!”
South Australia
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