Yaisa on the Good Moves Podcast

Punchpass podcast recording with Yaisa

Well that was a little bit exciting! In March 2022, I was invited as a guest on the Good Moves podcast by Punchpass to be interviewed by Claire.

Claire was the first person I met in the Adelaide and Fleurieu yoga community and she was the first to offer me a teaching opportunity. The whole interview was like an opportunity to catch up with an old friend and talk about our favourite subject: yoga.

The episode was published in June and here it is for you to listen or to watch: More Styles, More Formats, More Access to Yoga.

All things yoga

You all know that once you get me started about yoga, it’s hard to stop me. Claire very professionally steers our conversation to cover various aspects of the practice. We discuss my personal yoga journey and my mission and vision as a yoga teacher and more. And it was quite an experience to sit in a professional recording studio surrounded by big microphones, cameras and with a sound & video guy taking care of all the technical stuff. How different from my DIY class recordings!

Also, have you ever heard yourself on a recording longer than your own voicemail message? I found it kind of weird to hear myself speaking. Although you’d think I’d be used to it by now after editing all those recorded classes for my online library. Yet hearing my own voice in conversation is still a little confronting. And then the million things I forgot to say or could have said differently…

But you know what, I’ll let you be the judge. I had fun chatting to Claire and I hope you’ll learn something about me or yoga that you didn’t know by listening to this podcast.

Yaisa in the podcast recording studio

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If you like to get straight to the point, check out the subjects and timestamps that were added by the Punchpass team.


0:00 Meet Yaisa
1:17 Yoga from Singapore to Egypt
4:12 Dreams of retreats and getting trained
5:16 Move to Australia and becoming a full time instructor
6:15 Rookie mistakes as a new instructor
7:51 Physical challenge of 20 classes/week
9:20 Ashtanga practice
9:49 Mysore style
11:29 Self-practice class
13:30 Teaching Yin
15:20 Student style preferences
18:38 Teaching long hold poses
20:29 Online classes: from skeptic to recording instructions and demos
26:43 Leading teacher training
30:00 Bali teacher training school
31:10 Building a 300 hour training
33:07 Self meditation/practice
35:37 Different options serving the yoga community

Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think!