Yaisa on the Good Moves Podcast

Punchpass podcast recording with Yaisa

Well that was a little bit exciting! In March 2022, I was invited as a guest on the Good Moves podcast by Punchpass to be interviewed by Claire. Claire was the first person I met in the Adelaide and Fleurieu yoga community and she was the first to offer me a teaching opportunity. The whole […]

Everybody’s Favourite Asana: savasana

Savasana in uggboots

Are you a Savasana-fan or Savasana-hater? (Feel free to reply in the comment section below for a little totally non-scientific survey.) Though this pose may seem as simple as taking a nap, those who can’t seem to find comfort in this asana know it’s far from easy. What is this pose is all about? The […]

YouTube yoga, yes or no?

Utkatasana Yoga Here & There TTC

You are busy, juggling work, night-shifts, family, social life and hobbies. There is not enough time in the day and night combined to do everything you want. Like going to a yoga class. But perhaps you do manage to sneak in a YouTube practice at home every now and then. If that is you, this […]

What Style of Yoga Should I Practice?

Yin Yoga

Many people still have a very one-sided and fixed image of what yoga is. If you have landed on this page, you are probably aware that in terms of physical (asana) practice, yoga consists of dozens of different styles. Have you figured out yet which practice suits you best? One of my favourite ways to […]

What is Yoga?

Balinese Ceremony Yoga Here & There

So you have heard yoga is good for you. Perhaps you have heard yoga is only for flexible people. Or for hippies. Maybe for bored housewives. Indeed, it’s all of that and much more. Yoga is for everybody. And for every body. If you can breathe you can do yoga, in one form or another. […]


Yoga With Yaisa - Sankalapa at Aldinga Beach

Have you ever wondered how it works, sankalpa, that intention setting that the yoga teachers invites you to do at the beginning of a yoga class? It took me a while to find a way that works for me but now that I have, I use it as much off the yoga mat as on. […]

Practicing Yoga with a Frozen Shoulder.


During any respectable teacher training, the topic “yoga & injuries” is an important subject, from the angle of injury prevention as well as from the perspective of practicing with existing injuries. Whilst I studied this during my 200-hour teacher training and additional yoga anatomy courses over the years, my single best lesson was the frozen […]

Review of Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary Series with Petri Räisänen.

Ashtanga Review

By far my favourite recording so far, because Petri, another amazing Ashtanga teacher, actually leads a class. It’s not a manicured, staged demonstration with a voice-over and edits. No, this is a real life led class, filled with Ashtangis of all levels and Petri guides the class through the Primary Series adjusting his pace and […]